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Carpooling is a great way to reduce traffic and air pollution. The parking permit system at Commuter Services is especially equipped to make carpooling effortless and easy. Purchase the parking permit that suits your on campus needs and arrange with friends, neighbors, colleagues and spouses to commute to and from the U with you.

Ordinarily on a single permit, students are limited to having 2 vehicles per permit while faculty and staff are limited to 3 vehicles. But if you plan on carpooling, contact us today and we’ll upgrade the number of eligible vehicles on your permit to 4. 

Need help finding other riders in your area? UTA offers a carpool match program here.


Vanpool is a service provided by UTA to accommodate larger groups of people. A vanpool usually consists of 7 to 15 passengers who split the cost evenly. Pricing is based upon the number of people in your vanpool and the distance traveled. Vanpool costs include fuel, maintenance, insurance and vehicle leasing.

For more information on vanpool, go here.

To join a vanpool or to start a vanpool in your area, go here

Last Updated: 11/26/18