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UCard on Utah Transit Authority buses and trains

The University of Utah has an agreement with the UTA that provides our students, faculty and staff access to TRAX, UTA buses and Frontrunner trains. In order to be eligible for this benefit, an individual must have a valid University of Utah ID Card; and, be a current employee of the University, or a matriculating student who has paid tuition and associated student fees for the current semester.

Sample Ucard

Students and employees arriving this semester receive an ID card that gives them the ability to ride UTA (except for ski buses, PC/SLC Connect, and Paratransit) without paying the fare. Returning students and current employees have an Ed-Pass that they use in conjunction with their University ID (UCard). A couple of rules regulate this access: The card must be tapped on the card reader located on buses and TRAX stations when boarding and exiting. Neither Ed-Passes nor UCards may be used by others on UTA transit. The UTA has the authority to confiscate passes and ID Cards from those using them fraudulently and to issue court citations. If you have other proximity cards in your wallet (or your European carry-all,) this may confuse the card reader or cause a charge to be added to a proximity enabled credit card. Please visit for more information.

Last Updated: 11/26/18