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Welcome to the Commuter Services Employee Portal. The purpose of this webpage is to provide all employees in the department accurate information - both internal departmental information as well as Univeristy wide information.

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Employee Spotlight

A big shout out to Cassy Elaison and Wendy Ellsworth for participating in the March Social Media Contest! They both assisted Commuter Services with continuing to gain a larger audience and voice on Social Media through gaining followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Their award was two Cinemark Movie Tickets.

                  Cassy                                                        Wendy  

“I thought it was awesome! It was great all around because not only did people follow Commuter Services, but they followed me as well! It was a win-win all around."   - Cassy Elasion


Quote of the Week

"Employees of Commuter Services play an essential role in providing equally essential services to our customers--almost like walking a tightrope while juggling. Unlike other government or private sector jobs, we have to navigate an ocean of rules while striving to provide services that few people appreciate. We also have several bosses who in turn have several bosses who are under a public microscope. I am convinced our employees do remarkably well under very difficult conditions."

-Alma Allred, Executive Director of Commuter Services

 Upcoming Events

Commuter Services will host a "Bring Your Family to Work Festival" on July 14th from 1:00pm-7:00pm!

Bring your siblings, parents, kids, grandkids, and of course, dogs, to meet and mingle with your fellow employees. Join us in the grassy area between wings A and B of the Annex for a barbecue, refreshments, inflatables, games, and more! 

For event details, contact your manager.

Last Updated: 6/19/17