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University Regulations

Summary of University of Utah Parking Regulations

The following summary is meant to provide a quick outline for people bringing vehicles to campus. Since this is a summary, it does not specify all possible contingencies and is meant for general information only.

  • Anyone parking a vehicle on campus must pay a fee to do so, every day of the year except for university recognized State Holidays. Free parking is available for bona fide patients and their visitors parking at the University Hospital; and at other times for visitors attending theater, museum, and sporting events. Additional parking fees may be required for other events taking place on campus.
  • Vehicles must be parked in locations designated as legal parking spaces, with the license plate affixed and clearly visible from the roadway.
  • The fee to park must be paid in advance.
  • Beyond the standard prohibitions outlined in Utah law, (such as no parking in a fire lane) the University may impose additional restrictions by signs, or attendants.
  • Once the parking fee is paid, a motorist’s license plate functions as the parking permit. Vehicles backed into parking spaces must have front license plates. The permit holder is responsible for making sure the plate number is entered correctly and kept up to date.
  • A permit may be assigned to more than one car as long as only one of the cars is parked on campus at any given time, but the same car may not be assigned to more than one permit at a time.
  • Parking is enforced daily until 8:00 pm in most areas on campus—with some areas controlled until 10:00 pm. No parking, reserved, and parking for disabled drivers may be enforced 24 hours per day.

Full University parking regulations are authorized by the State of Utah: Utah Code, Title 53B, Chapter 3, Sections 103 and 107; and they are outlined in the Utah Administrative Code.

Last Updated: 1/10/19